Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Louise Thompson yellow knit jacket episode 7, Made in Chelsea

I told you today would be devoted to Louise and her delish selection of jackets; Louise wore this gorgeous yellow blazer to meet Spencer on my old stomping ground (Cheyne Walk - I used to work there). It is the perfect outerwear when you want to look stunning without a whiff of "try hard"; it is, in fact, so lush that I almost want to go back to being a brunette - not sure it's going to work with red hair, but perhaps I should give it a go anyway?

I'm not the only one in love with it; one reader was so impressed with Louise's lemon blazer (a la Chanel) that she actually messaged me about it after the briefest of glimpses in the promo at the end of episode 6. And if that's not enough to convince you, Victoria (boooooooo! hisssssssssss!) and Millie have both been spotted in in too.

So where did she get it? Well, kids, Zara strikes again...

Louise makes her entrance, wearing the jacket with grey jeans and jacket, white heels and a huge leather tote - I would rather have that bag than Spencer, if truth be told
Oh Spencer - so sincere (until his "thing" with Karin starts to cause trouble next week)
Buy Louise's lovely lemon jacket from Zara for £79.99

Screen grabs from 4oD. Product image from Zara.


Anonymous said...

Millie's gold necklace please, wore it at the Spa.

Fashion Detective said...

Do you mean the round initial one? Have had a snoop around but can't find the exact one anywhere. Initial necklaces tend to be made to order so it could be from a small, independent jeweller. There are similar ones about if you want me to suggest something...

Anonymous said...

Hi Love the Zara jacket. Do you know what the top is Louise is wearing underneath it.

Many thanks


Anonymous said...

any alternative suggestions to the Initial pendant would be lovely! Thanks so much! I will try and tweet her about this, in hope she replies.