Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fashion Detective is a MAD Blog Awards 2012 finalist

Thanks to the young gentleman above (formerly known as the Mini Fashion Detective, but he's far too big for that now), this blog has been nominated for an award - a MAD (mum and dad) blog award. OMFG with amazeballs on the side (and a big fat thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate me).

I'm one of five finalists in the fashion blog of the year category (sponsored by TK Maxx); if you have two minutes spare, and enjoy reading Fashion Detective please, please give us a vote and you never know...

You can vote until June 6th 2012 and the winner will be announced at a bash in September. Oooh, what to wear!?


Anonymous said...

I've voted for you even though I'm not a mum. I read your blog religiously and think its awesome that you're such a cool mum as well as a fashionista! I hope you win so we get to see your outfit :D

LuceGoose said...

Hi Jo, I just voted too and agree with everything Sally says! I am a single Mum of 2 very little one's, so I'm pretty exhausted and covered in snot (!)/ baby food most of the time...and looking at your blog always gives me a lift and inspires me to take more time for me and my appearance when I can. I am also in the process of going from blonde to vibrant red! :-) Good luck Jo! x

Fashion Detective said...

Oh ladies - talk about making my day! Thank you so much. I'm really glad that I started putting a bit more about my family life into the blog over the last year, because its such a big part of who I am (and how I dress) but the main thing I always try to do is make the blog as fun as poss and share my (over!) enthusiasm for fashion - all in a normal way not a pretentious way. Even if just a few readers enjoy that it makes it all the time I spend on the site worthwhile! Thanks again for voting girls xxx PS Luce - I wanna see your hair!!