Millie Macintosh black jewelled dress in Dubai – designed by Prodiga

Has everyone recovered from last night’s Made in Chelsea? And the sight of Francis B on the horse?

I even made my other half sit through episode 6 and he didn’t complain that much, which is a breakthrough. We were both mesmerised by Dubai (how lush did it look?) and I was mad for pretty much everything Millie Mackintosh and Louise Thompson wore during the episode; slightly concerned about Louise and Spencer flaunting the rules by “hooking up” in an Arab state, but they seem to have squeaked away with it.

Anyway, last night’s fashion is going to keep me busy all week. I’m on the hunt for Millie’s gorgeous gold cuff (looking fantastic with her filigree heart-shaped earrings by Zara Taylor) and Louise’s chunky necklace for starts – but let’s get the ball rolling with the staggering, bejewelled evening dress Millie wore in Dubai…

Oh Francis, get back on your horse

I’m not at all into black evening dresses as a rule, but Millie totally stole the scene wearing this beautiful beaded neckline maxi dress by Prodiga. At £695, this isn’t a high street fix, but it is an absolute stunner and will live in your collection forever.

If you love the design but can’t afford the price tag, check out the more affordable (and equally killer) maxi designs from Prodiga including the elegant cowl neck maxi in teal, the yellow beaded maxi and the cut-out chain maxi in nude.

If it’s good enough for Ms. Mackintosh…

Beaded neckline maxi dress by Prodiga, £695

Screen grab from 4oD. Product image as shown.

Written by Johanna Payton