One MAD mum, before and after

There’s just one week left to vote in the 2012 MAD Blog Awards in which Fashion Detective is one of five finalists in the fashion blog category. Why should you vote for me? Well, having just looked through some old piccies with Eliott I realised that in the last eight years years I have gone from this:

OMG indeed. Arriving at St. George’s hospital to push a baby out in tragic track pants and an ill-fitting top, May 2004

To this:

Out to talk about fashion at a documentary premier, May 2012: I think things have improved (slightly)

If you need proof that parenthood (if not pregnancy) can make you more stylish, not less, I hope that this blog goes some way to doing it.

Thanks to everyone who is voting for me and good luck to all the other fantastic blogs that have made it through to the finals.

Written by Johanna Payton