Sunday, 13 May 2012

Seaside vintage on Bognor beach

Finally! The sun put it's fashionable straw boater on in the South of England this weekend and to make the most of it I stuck on my new (old) dress and zipped down to the South Coast to show it off.

Under the guise of the bloke's work we spent the day in Bognor Regis, home to Butlins and a pebbly beach. It's a basic seaside town with everything you need to enjoy the coast; beach huts, amusement arcades and mini golf. And (after a hearty Sunday Roast at The Waverley) we did it all...

What is a sun-soaked (if windswept) Great British beach without huts? (You may notice that due to a parental oversight, El is wearing his drama school jazz shoes. Woops!)
The lunchtime wind made it necessary to toughen up my vintage frock with a trusty leather jacket (from TK Maxx)
Can you spot Spongebob?
You're never too old for a bouncy slide on the beach
El gets his emergency shoes on; these were £4.73 at Store Twenty One - gerrin'
Time for a round of mini golf
The tricky windmill hole
I only play golf if my outfit matches the course
She shoots, she scores!
Hole in...three! Those Fly London wedges have seen many more inappropriate activites than this
Now, what the hell do I do about this very obvious prop?
Obviously, I can use it to show off my new pale purple nails (Berry by Barry M)
If I'd spilled any mint choc chip on that dress I wouldn't be smirking
The polyester day dress that matches my ice cream so delightfully (edible accessories rock) is by Motel Vintage @ Topshop Oxford Circus - and if you don't love it too, I'm not sure if we can be friends anymore
My partner in crime gets in on the act...
...and is rewarded for his patience with a cup o' tupennies
Deal or no deal? That is always the question

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lizzie said...

Great outfit - but you should have gone for raspberry sauce not a flake to be in keeping with your colour scheme!
Last time I played my son at crazy golf I beat him - and even scored a 'bullseye' in the last shot(was a pure fluke), it was worth it though just to see the look of shock on his face.

Fashion Detective said...

Ha ha - we were both pretty dire. I was lagging way behind and then E had a 25+ nightmare on one hole and we evened up. In the end it was a draw (phew!)

I think raspberry sauce on mint choc chip ice cream may have made me barf - although you're totally right; it would have looked v pretty! xx