Worn Memories project – sentimental about clothes?

You might remember a while back I mentioned having a wee documentary crew in my living room (as you do) filming me spraffing about my emotional addiction to clothes?

That little filming session is now coming to fruition as a fully fledged project called Worn Memories courtesy of talented fashion student, Rhiannon Welfare. Rhiannon’s documentary premiers on May 29th in London and is being used to promote a web platform that anyone can use to share precious memories that are attached to their clothes…

Me yakking about my Foo Fighters tee, probably

As well as Yours Truly, the film also features the amazing Zandra Rhodes (whose bring pink hair makes mine look tame), fashion stylist Frank Akinsete, Austin Mutti-Mewse (curator of Hardy Amies) and vintage shop owner Rebecca Thomlinson.

When Rhiannon came over to interview me for the documentary, I decided to put together a rail of the clothes I have most sentimental (emphasis on mental) attachments to; I could have filled the entire room with dresses, separates and accessories. Nearly everything I own has a little story attached to it, and sharing those stories is something that, frankly, fashion bloggers depend upon.

Although I might cringe slightly (especially if the story about snogging my other half for the first time in a paint-splattered Foo Fighters t-shirt made the cut) I’m well looking forward to the screening of the film and I hope Rhiannon’s Worn Memories project is a huge success.

Posing with Rhiannon after our interview

Photos from Worn Memories.

Written by Johanna Payton