Blog carnival: Family style

Being a stylish family is slightly easier when the sun shines, natch

To perk up your rather damp Friday, Fashion Detective hosts its first blog carnival today, in association with the Mad Blog Awards 2012.

If you’re new to the blog carnival thang, simply put, it’s a round-up of fantastic posts from other blogs on one central theme. It’s too late to vote in the MADs now (the finalists will find out their fate in September), but that’s no reason not to discover some of the brill skillz blogs that have been nominated for an award, and that’s what the carnival aims to do.

I’m a finalist in the Best Fashion Blog category (I didn’t even manage to get my mum and dad to vote for me, so I haven’t got a cat in hell’s chance!). As regular visitors already know, I serve up a mish mash of my own style, fashion picks, celeb worship and a glimpse of my life and travels as a mum of one. And today, I’m going to introduce you to some fellow parent-types who blog about everything from budgeting as a family to coping with five kiddies, all sharing their musings on family style…

Let’s kick off with something I’m a big fan of – having fun as a family and looking stylish while you do it (it is possible, you know). Transatlantic Blonde certainly flies the flag for the concept and blogs beautifully about a family photo shoot on a trip to Ohio.

Transatlantic Blonde poses in Ohio with her Blondie Boy

And I Want My Mummy blogs some fantastic photography and ideas for fun and funky family style in her recent post on Doing It Mummy Style; this summery parenting style post does make me kinda wish I had the nerve to pop another sprog out; just imagine if I had a little girl to dress up with *sigh*

Loving the charity shop find (and the cheeky captions) – gold fashion stars go to I Want My Mummy

If you’re not sure what kind of family style you possess you might enjoy this tongue-in-cheek post on family styles from Multiple Mummy. And in case you’re wondering, the Fashion Detective family deffo comes under the “White Rabbits” category – a crazily dressed version.

Multiple Mummy says her family look stylish when new clothes are bought – but getting them to “stay new” is a problem

Another potential White Rabbit (wonder if she agrees) is Dorky Mum; she tells it how it is – something I always admire. Her Marks and Me post is all about her return to M&S fashion, after years of avoiding it like the plague. Dorky, I love a bit of M&S and support your return to the fold wholeheartedly!

Another blogger after my own heart, the hilarious Adventures of an Unfit Mother (a mum of five!) knows how to look on the bright side of life – and her style seems to reflect that too. She blogs about her new funky floral shoes (possibly Irregular Choice – she must let us know) and intends to wear them with “skinny jeans, a fresh white tee and chunky red beads to finish the look”. I approve – but only if she busts out the look on the school run to inspire the other mums.

“How could anyone feel depressed while wearing these gorgeous little numbers?” asks Adventures of an Unfit Mother

If all this talk of sexy shoes and lady fashion has got you in the mood to get stylish – but you don’t want to spend a fortune on it – Becky at Family Budgeting shares ten top thrifty tips for looking gorgeous – I strongly agree with the tip on de-fuzzing; nothing makes you feel less fashionable than stubbly armpits.

The next post isn’t about fashion, but I’m guessing that Mirka at the All Baby Advice blog grew up being inspired by her mum’s style, like I did. They certainly look like a stylish family and Mirka’s touching post on saying goodbye to Mum after spending time together resonated with me as I’m still adjusting after spending time with my Yorkshire (and French) based family last week.

Stylish Mirka and her children prepare to say goodbye to her mum

To round off this family style carnival, let’s finish with a focus on the kiddies. If you’re looking for a cool way to refresh your little ones’ wardrobes without spending masses, a “swish” (or clothes swapping party) is the way forward. Thrifty parenting blog, Baby Budgeting gives her sister’s swishing party a try and bags a haul of clothes for her children including a faux leather jacket, a lime cord skirt and two snowsuits for a friend’s baby.

Just one of the treats Baby Budgeting picked up at the swish – I’m a big fan of the clothes-swapping party

This post on dressing skills from Littlesheep Learning is very practical – and it might come in useful if, unlike my son, your child has an interest in dressing in anything other than all-in-one superhero suits.

And once they’ve mastered the art of dressing themselves, children can be just as mad on fashion as their mums. Let’s close the carnival with this post from Actually Mummy, a seven year old blogger (with a little help from mum) telling the story of a fashion show at school. I might suggest a fashion show to E’s school – if he enjoys it as much as Actually Mummy’s brother Bug clearly did, we could be onto a winner.

Thanks to all the bloggers for sending their posts and best of luck in the MADs.
Written by Johanna Payton