Boucle Chanel-style jackets rule Made in Chelsea, series 3

This is hideously late, I know, but what did everyone think of episode 10 of Made In Chelsea? I wasn’t all that excited by it to be honest. Thinking back to series 1 when Spencer chased Caggie to the (mysterious) airport, and series 2, with Millie’s explosive speech, it just wasn’t as edge-of-your-seat thrilling and not that many cliff hangers to look forward to.

Still, the fashion was fruity as ever and I wanted to dedicate a little post to the Chanel-inspired boucle blazer, which is surely the sartorial winner of the series (along with Zara), and was worn double-team-stylee by Rosie Fortescue and Louise Thompson in the finale.

Absolutely love Rosie’s sea green “Fantasy” blazer (it’s my fantasy alright) – it’s by Zara and retails at £79.99
Do you think they planned this? The gorgeous boucle jacket with pink piping Louise is wearing is from ASOS and costs £40

I must have one. And (because Zara has probs been bled dry), here’s a wider high street selection to choose from…

ASOS, £60
New Look, £34.99
Oasis @ ASOS, £45.50
D&G @ Morgan Clare, £635

ASOS, £60
Topshop, £38
Zara, £69.99

Screen grabs 4OD. Product images as credited.

Written by Johanna Payton