Fashion fate strikes again – at Cartwheel Fanny in Tooting

Sometimes fashion kismet goes to work and there’s nothing you could (or should) do to stop it. Today, I resolved to buy a dress for my grandmother’s funeral; something she would have approved of. Something with black, and with colour. Something classy, elegant. Something vintage, preferably.

I was all set up to traipse into town to check out the dresses on offer at Peekaboo Vintage when my other half suggested we simply walk down to Tooting Market and look at a vintage stall he discovered there a few weeks back. I didn’t hold out much hope, to be honest, and resigned myself to a hurried trip into town next week, but sometimes fate hands you a fortuitous turn of events…

It turns out, the vintage stall in Tooting Market (Cartwheel Fanny – what a name!) is a treasure trove of reasonably priced second-hand goodies. Not only did I buy the funky 70s shirt worn immediately for a trip to the pub (see above – and excuse the haggard appearance, it’s been a tough week) I also found the perfect dress with which to say goodbye (I’ll show you in time). PLUS, it turns out that the two gorgeous guys who run Cartwheel Fanny have been selling their vintage pride and joys to none other than Gabriella Ellis of Made in Chelsea fame – oh yes, it was meant to be that I found them.

The guys may be moving out of Tooting Market soon, but they hope to stay in South London and I will be visiting/blogging about them again. In the meantime, do you not just lurve the classic shirt they sold me:

Do you love it? This 70s polyester shirt was only a tenner and worth every penny
I wore it down The Hope on Wandsworth Common, where we kept ourselves busy with a bit of Scrabble
Funny what a random selection of letters can unearth (and that is how we spell it)
Written by Johanna Payton