Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Breaking up isn't hard to do: my new Aveda hair stylist

Red again - redder than ever, in fact - thanks to Aveda and Independent mindbodysoul in Balham (the top is £11 in the Debenhams sale by H! Henry Holland)

Breaking up with your hair stylist is like going through a micro divorce. On this occasion, it wasn't us, it was them - them being L'Oreal. When I turned up for my regular appointment on Saturday my stylist sheepishly told me that L'Oreal is discontinuing all its red and copper shades. There I was, all gowned up and none of my regular colour to be had. I panicked; my hair is my thing. I love being a redhead. I cannot even consider being brunette or blonde. I was forced to leave the salon with my glaring roots intact.

I won't lie to you, I was fighting back the tears on the bus home (not that I'm over-dramatic). Then Twitter done come to my rescue...

After moaning to the Twitterverse, I received a message from Vicky, founder and owner of Independent mindbodysoul, a hair salon and urban spa a ten minute bus ride away on Balham High Road. Vicky told me that Aveda do a range of reds and coppers and within half an hour I was down there, having a herbal tea and a complementary hand massage from a therapist (which helped me to recover from the L'Oreal debacle), before a reassuring colour consultation with a very handsome (always helps) stylist. He was pretty sure he could get my colour back to its best and seemed excited at the prospect.

The smart salon is easily found in Balham

My appointment, three days later, felt like a first date - but on first dates you don't generally get an Indian head massage and 25 minutes to lie on a cloud-soft couch in a darkened relaxation room; that's the crack at Independent mindbodysoul, you see - top notch hair dressing with a spa twist. While your colour develops, you get to chill in the spa downstairs, away from the bustle of the salon floor.

No more neck-cricks for me

I was worried that my hair wouldn't be as bright as usual, but I'm well impressed with the results. I may have felt like I was cheating on my former hairdresser at first, but it has to be said that this experience was a cut above. From the ridiculously comfy loungers at the basins (I usually get terrible neck ache, but this was dead relaxing) to the gorgeous herby fragrance of the Aveda colour, I was pampered senseless. And the vibrant, shiny evidence of my new stylist's labours are up there at the top of this post for all to see; it's classic Fashion Detective, don't you think?

The relaxation area, where you get to lounge around and wait for your colour to do its thang

Ok, so it's a bit more expensive than my old place, but you get what you pay for. Independent mindbodysoul run a loyalty scheme and offer re-booking discounts - plus, it's a local business, and there's no harm in supporting that. To that end, I'm already booked in for my next appointment.

I cannot tell you how releived I am that a) I'm still a fiery redhead, and b) I'm at the mercy of a fabulous new stylist. Praise be, Twitter - you've saved my bacon yet again.

Images from Independent mindbodysoul


Ismael said...

Nice style. This is a great one. Thanks for having time sharing this. I hope to read more of your post.

LuceGoose said...

Jo, your hair looks absolutely amazing! It really suits you and I love the slightly darker, brighter red. I am in the process of going from blonde frazzled highlights to red and it's not been going well so far, going back to hairdressers on Monday after a Geri Spice style blonde/red disaster earlier this week (my fault rather than hairdressers as I insisted on the highlights - going through a divorce with 2 young kids at mo so I think my hair is a bit of a reflection of my emotional state!) Anyway I'm commenting as I have a question please! Do you have an all over colour or do you have some foils to lift your natural colour a bit and then all over red colour on afterwards? My issue is that the red over my blonde highlights is going to fade quicker than the red over my natural (dark mousy brown) hair. So I'm thinking that going forward, I might need to have highlights put in my roots each time and then the red put on top. Also, is your red a permanent colour or a semi permanent? My hairdresser reckons semi permanent actually grabs to blonde highlights better than permanent. I know you're not a hairdresser Jo but you sound as obsessed with your hair as I am so I'm guessing you'll know what I'm on about! Cheers Jo! xxx

Fashion Detective said...

Hi Luce - soz for delay in replying. Mine is all over permanent colour, but it's a mix of red and copper. I might ask for a bit more copper next time as it is a bit darker than I usually have it. My hairdresser also suggested having a few foils to create lighter bits, which I do fancy, although I sense it will be madly expensive and it's another thing to have to maintain. Red always fades quickly - I have mine coloured every five weeks, so it isn't easy (or cheap!) to manage, but I do love it. Let me know how yours goes!! xx

LuceGoose said...

Thanks so much for letting me know how you have your colour done Jo! I have ended up having an all over colour too but it's a bit darker than I wanted as well. It's a permanent on my roots and then semi permanent on the rest because of all the highlights underneath (appaz this is better for my hair situ as semi perm grabs more to the highlights underneath). Eventually when the highlights have grown out, I'll probably go for a permanent colour all over too. Next time I will speak to hairdresser about mixing some copper in with the red so it's not quite as dark - so thanks for the top tip Jo! xx