Emma Stone’s style in The Amazing Spider-Man

For obvious reasons (hair) I’m a big fan of Emma Stone’s style. I know she’s blonde in The Amazing Spider-Man, but I’ll be interested to see how her character (Gwen Stacy) has been styled.

Emma (who should soooo be a redhead again) dazzled in Alexander McQueen at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in January this year

The Amazing Spider-Man opens today and I need a reason to get through it, y’see, other than to prove I don’t fancy Andrew Garfield (my son assumes I fancy every leading man – where he gets that idea from, I do not know). Or maybe it’s going to be brilliant and I won’t need a fashion incentive.

Here’s the trailer, in case you haven’t seen it…

El intends to go to the cinema in full Spider-Man suit which includes rather alarming face mask and authentic boots (he scoured the web for those babies). Is South London ready? Who knows.

If he pays this much attention to his outfits when he’s too old for costumes, and continues to have no qualms about hitting the streets in a Superhero suit, we may have another fashionista on our hands.

Emma Stone images 2012 Lester Cohen and  Jordan Strauss/2012 WireImage

Written by Johanna Payton