My Amazing Spider-Man (and what he thought of the film)

Spider-Man. Amazing? El certainly thought so. In true super-nutcase stylee he rocked up to The Odeon in full Spidey regalia; boots, mask and web shooter included. People stared, people smiled, people cheered…if my outfits got that reaction I’d be chuffed too.

And what of the film? Andrew Garfield is great. Funny, cute, quirky, intense. Emma Stone equally nails it with a cheeky smile and eyes like lagoons (fashion = boring). Rhys Ifans is a decent reptilian baddy an’ all. But all the re-treading of ground we’d only just gone over in the Toby Maguire trilogy? Not so good. I’m not sure Martin Sheen had his teeth in properly. And there are some wincingly cheesy moments.

The most important thing is, the main man loved it – and anything that makes him sling his webs is A-OK with me. The Amazing Spider-Man is out now in a movie theatre near you (can you tell I’m angling for an invite to the part two premier? It’ll never happen), and if you want to impress your kids, do not leave the cinema until you’ve seen the not-so-secret teaser halfway through the credits.

Last night, the Wall Crawler, tonight the opera. I surely know how to mash it up, people.

Busting moves after the film: the official Amazing Spider-Man suit is from the Disney Store (£20), boots and gloves sold separately (and searched for “lovingly” to say the least)
Floor crawler
The young hero is unmasked
Written by Johanna Payton