Sale at Pearl London

Remember that very cute lace dress from Pearl London I indulged in earlier this year? I know at least one reader also plumped for it, and I wonder if any more of you lovely ladies have fallen just a little bit in love with this label.

If you have, perhaps you’ll appreciate my dilemma over the Pearl Orchidea dress above…it’s not much of a dilemma to be honest. The dress is a bargainous £27.50 in the brand’s first ever sale, so even if it is a little on the short side for my usual taste, I think I’ll weather the storm.

I could even do some exercise in preparation. I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey at the moment, so p’raps I’ll seek inspiration from that and invest in a “spreader bar” – bet one of those gets the old thighs toned. Not sure what Mr. Fashion Detective would make of it though…

Written by Johanna Payton