Tabby Richards rocks The Bachelor, episode 4

The Bachelor is hotting right up. Who else is addicted?

It was goose bump city when Spencer Matthews and Tabby Richards (the coolest chick in the game) shared their first properly intimate moment (I could feel the chemistry fizz from here). And at the same time Brandy got hammered on bubbly and made a slight tit of herself. On national TV. Criiiinge. I really feel her pain. If I’d ever done reality TV I would have so made an equally embarrassing show of meself.

Screeeeam! This moment was so sweet. If you haven’t seen episode 4 yet, better watch it right now

As well as having the bestest style, Tabby also seems to be the nicest girl in the competition. I have everything crossed she’ll win – you never know, we might even persuade her to give Fashion Detective an exclusive interview about her style.

In the meantime, check out her fashion highlights from episode 4…

Tabby lets rip at the comedy roast: The absolutely stunning Kimono style wrap dress, in grey with leopard print, is by Bernshaw – I just love the way she outshines everyone else by wearing rock chic styles as opposed to the standard body con *cheers*
Making up is hard to do: Brandy and Tabby put things right after the comedy roast fired things up. Tabby looks fab in the chambray shirt – get the look with this H! by Henry Holland style
Classic Tabby: The girly sundress gets rocked up with heavy black sandals – if you love this look, Sergio Rossi’s feather-trimmed sandals might appeal
As ever, Tabby looks beautiful at the rose ceremony – she flits effortlessly from casual edginess to elegance
Pia Michi do a great job with the evening dresses every week

Screen grabs from Demand. With thanks to Tabby Richards.

Written by Johanna Payton