Louis Vuitton takes over Selfridges window: Will the real Yayoi Kusama please stand up?

This is something you must see if you find yourself in London town: Is avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama actually stood in the midst of the Louis Vuitton window display at Selfridges, or….

…is it a little trick designed to capture the attention of fashion fans and delighted tourists alike?

After you’ve got over the extraordinary life-likeness of the two Yayoi models, try to spot the difference (the theme of the campaign).

And if you do get chance to swing by Selfridges while all its windows are dedicated to Louis Vuitton’s exciting collaboration with the 83-year-old Japanese artist (the first time the luxury department store has ever dedicated all 24 windows to one brand), you so should – and check out the concept boutique inside the store too.

Written by Johanna Payton