Partying with homeaway on a holiday yacht – in Central London

So, this yacht business. As I may have mentioned (cough, cough) I’m a finalist in the fashion blog category of the MAD Blog Awards 2012 and last night, in celebration of the fact that the September award ceremony is creeping up, I was invited on a very special night out…

The generous sponsors of the travel blog award category,, specialise in holiday rentals. They invited a bunch of MAD finalists onboard an uber-glamorous, luxury yacht moored in St. Katharine Docks, next to the Tower of London, for bubbles, a barbecue and some general “getting to know you” chinwagging.

As with all events, I was a) hideously late (I blame brooch-gate – long story) and b) nervous. I work with Cathy Winston of Mummy Travels (a travel blogger who made it to the event with her beautiful four week old baby *in awe*), but I knew she wouldn’t be staying long for obvious reasons. I’d never met fellow fashion bloggers Coco Mama Style and The Baby Wears Prada and feared I would be out-fashioned, which is what usually happens when I’m let loose on a blogger meet-up.

Although those girls are utterly fabulous and fashionable, I needn’t have worried; when you end up running around in your bare feet, pulling Titantic poses up the hull and letting your son (and his two new friends) run the entertainment programme for the evening, you know you’re in really good company…

Soon as we arrived I grabbed a glass of pink fizz
Bloggers congregate with kids, drinks, food, drinks…
El wasted no time in checking out the sundeck up top
Having a chinwag with the lovely Bizzymum
Being snapped by the homeaway girls
Here comes trouble: It’s dangerous when Charlie’s Angels poses are being pulled in daylight – it’s me, Helen from Coco Mama Style and Lizzie whose Baby Wears Prada (or does she?)
Before I got too sozzled, I took a tour of this bling-ting yacht or, as I like to call it, the disco boat
The dining area
I have just the right sense of decorum to live on a luxury yacht, don’t you think?
The view outside looks like a TV screen
I was quite fond of this little lady after a few glasses of fizz – isn’t she nautique?
I couldn’t resist going behind the bar…
…or peeking in the fridge (I didn’t see Matt for a while after this treasure trove had been revealed to us by our hosts)
Helen (wearing a very nautical striped dress) orders a drink
The master bedroom *goes weak at knees*
The ensuite bathroom includes a (wait for it) jacuzzi bath. Oh my
There are cute touches all over the boat
Imagine sat there, having a lovely cold glass of something fizzy, of an evening – rumour has it, the Phelps family stayed on this boat during the Olympics
Even the stairs are disco
Every boat needs a rope
Of course I wore the Ingenue Arthur tunic – in this light, even Matt admitted it was pretty cool
Night falls over the dock
And the entertainment begins – well, if you were a kid with a luxury yacht and an audience at your disposal, you would do a crab wouldn’t you?
Raffle time: Prizes included an orange, a bottle of beer, toiletries from the toilet and a questionable bottle of Riesling
As we’re, y’know, fashion bloggers and that, we embarked upon a deadly serious shoot with ropes and ladders
You know you’ve drunk too much when you’re up the hull
Kate Winslet eat your heart out
Time for bed?
A fitting end to a brilliant evening – I made new friends, flashed my bra and squeezed onto a double bed with 12 other women
A warm welcome and a fond farewell – thanks to homeaway for the perfect night

With many thanks to

Written by Johanna Payton