Shoes of the summer

As I prepare for this afternoon’s excitement at Glyndebourne, just a word about the shoes I’m going to be wearing…

Two things you need to know: One. They have been my fave pair of the summer (high, chunky, bright, distinctive, comfortable). Two. They are now in the sale.

I am a very lucky girl indeed as I’ve been dressed for this afternoon’s prestigious event by Hanna at HMH Couture, and although the dress I’m wearing is ultra girly (and not a little bit sexy – so much so I’m making an emergency dash to the shops for Spanx this morning) the wedges are practical, given the event is outdoors, add just enough funky.

You’ll see the full outfit, along with every beautifully-dressed opera fan I can find, tomorrow…

Moki wedges @ Ecco, £72.50 (sale price)
Written by Johanna Payton