Swims shoe collection at zalando

I was having a little browse online this morning, trying to get down, as you do, with the fashion trends from the street and it reminded me that I need a new pair of flats.

Earlier this year I went to war with flats, trying (in vain) to break in a pair of electric blue ballet pumps. Although it didn’t work out, I discovered deck shoes soon after and a truce was declared.

Now I’ve found a hot new shoe designer at Zalando going by the name of Swims. Not all of it is exactly my scene, but a few of the designs, in really funky, bright colours, have deffo got street cred and would work with casual styles like rolled up chinos or skinny jeans. There’s even a pair of bright yellow ballet pumps (above) that look so dang soft, I don’t think they’d bite.

Here are a few more of my picks from the colourful collection…

Swims @ zalando, £55

Swims @ zalando, £55
Swims @ zalando, £55
Swims @ zalando, £95

Images from zalando.co.uk

Written by Johanna Payton