The Bachelor fashion round-up

Finally, I’ve had chance to catch up on my (and your) guilty pleasure – The Bachelor.

After the excitement of Hugo turning up to see Spencer, mourning the loss of Marissa (seeing her slapping clay up Spencer’s butt crack was the moment of the series for me) and the intense sulking and bitchiness that is coming to a delightful head, I’ve had time to digest the style.

Here’s my verdict…

Tabby is still my fave girl style and personality-wise – I love the way her rock chic look contrasts with the other girls
If you want to steal this look, you could wear the black bustier top by Pins and Needles @ Urban Outfitters (£35) with Motel’s sheer lace top (£28) and denim cut offs
Jess is the other girl I rate; she seems lovely, she’s beautiful and she has real curves – but she needs some help in the style department. The black sequin shorts she wore for the sing-off were not right for her at all, and even on the romantic “firework” date in Italy, Spencer was dressed for dinner and she rocked up in the same shorts and vest she’d been wearing all day. Being casual is fab, but changing into a simple, loose maxi would have made all the difference.
Yet another bitch-fest: As the other girls increasingly express the quirky side of their dress sense, the two Chloe/Khloes get more plastic, severe and Barbie-fied each episode
I’m usually all for the Northern lass, but calling other women “bell ends” is not something I endorse. Still Khloe had a brief “fashion moment” when she wore this cute peach kaftan. If you’re in the market for a special holiday kaftan, may I suggest the long design by Shan @ Harrods (£489) or the more affordable kimono dress by One Teaspoon @ ASOS, (£66 in the sale)
At Friday’s rose ceremony (I *love* the rose ceremony) the famous five became four – and Tabby saw off the competition in an unusual midnight blue/green print maxi by Miss Barrett
Up in the air? I’ve still got my money on Tabby stealing the show

Screen grabs from Demand Channel 5

Written by Johanna Payton