Fave toys of the summer: Mattel’s Batman Dark Knight Rises range

It’s the last day of the school holidays today and we’re seeing out a brilliant break in style with a trip to the Paralympics. If I’m honest, I’m dreading El going back to school as we’ve had so much fun together this year; our best summer yet.

But go back he must. Before he does, I’m handing over to him for today’s blog. He wanted to share his most fashionable must-have toys of the summer, and being quite the Batman fan (that’s putting it mildly) he is wild for these action toys from the Mattel DC Universe range.

I suppose we’d better start thinking about Christmas (although I warn you, I’m all booked up for a beach break this year) and if you’re buying for a young man in the 5-10 age range, preferably with a soft spot for the Dark Knight Rises, these bad bwoys are the bees knees…

I love a chunky toy and these action playthings are purdy durable – plus, anything related to The Dark Knight Rises buys you extra cool points
El shows off the Batpod Two in One – I’m reliably informed that “the one on top is the armour and the one at the bottom is the Bat bike”. So now you know
This is his fave of the three toys: The Bat and Batman. I think El has around 500 Batmen in this house. They are taking over
It seems like such a long time ago since we stood in the rain for the Batman premiere. The Bat toys (and that there giant poster we lugged back from Leicester Square) are a lasting reminder of a terrific, if moist, summer

With thanks to Mattel

Written by Johanna Payton