Khloe Evans wins Spencer Matthews: Shock result on The Bachelor UK

Apologies if you haven’t seen it yet (it repeats on Sunday, 11pm) and I’ve let the cat out of the bag (Spencer sure did) but…what the ‘eff was he thinking??

Yes, Made in Chelsea and The Bachelor UK star Spencer Matthews actually chose Khloe (aka, erm, Chloe) Evans over Tabby Richards…

The shock for me wasn’t that he picked Khloe after the “kiss & tell revelation“, or that he went for the grass roots Northerner (I never saw Tabby as being particularly posh, although she was much more likely to move in Spencer’s social circles and – if you believe what you read – already does). The shock is that he picked someone as gobby, brash and uncouth as Khloe. Sorry love, but calling other women “bell ends” on telly is seriously not cool. I’m a Northern lass and it absolutely made me cringe. The infamous “I’ve seen fake tits realer than you” was another line that did not make me proud to be from ooop there.

Khloe Evans: Pretty girl, foul mouth

Khloe’s had a go at the “haters” on Twitter and I am certainly not one of them. She did come across well in last night’s final and, with a look of Caggie Dunlop, I can totally see why he fancies her; but the chances of them having a “meaningful” relationship…? Well, they were scuppered when she was caught snogging TOWIE’s Tom Pearce in late July (after filming for The Bachelor had wrapped), and last night (according to The Mirror) she Tweeted: “All am saying #louiseandspencer goodnite”. The “incriminating” Tweet has now been deleted. Hmmmm.

I’m sure no one  took the Bachelor seriously (hence the viewing figures, I suspect) but Spencer’s choice did seem to make a sham of the show. There must be an ulterior motive; and I’m still keeping everything crossed that it has something to do with Tabby and MiC – and not just getting in Khloe’s pants at The Bachelor wrap party.

Whatever happens next, we got ourselves a new style favourite, who – if my chats with her on Twitter are anything to go by – is absolutely lovely. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to cheer when Tabby told Spencer: “You’re not the guy I thought you were if you’re going to pick her.”

And on that note, I’ll end this post with one of my fashion moments from the final because, picked or not, Tabby’s rock-chic style rules; she looked absolutely stunning in this beach-perfect splash green maxi dress by Forever Unique.

Forever Unique, £45 (sale price)

Images: Demand 5, Forever Unique

Written by Johanna Payton