LFW TK Maxx trolley dash!

I’m terribly late for Madonna’s brother (!) and I’m slightly tipsy, so let’s keep this brief. Ahead of the Mad Blog Awards, the fabulous peeps at TK Maxx gave the fashion blog finalists a lovely start to London Fashion Week by whisking us off to their flagship store at High Street Kensington and treating us to a party outfit (my other half insists on calling this gesture a “trolley dash”) for the awards ceremony…

Not that I’m a savvy shopper or owt, but I got a complete outfit (dress, shoes, bag) for £110. You’ll have to wait (bet you can’t) for the event to see the results, but for now, here’s the £400 designer coat I talked myself out of – probs for the best, looking at the pic!

I did love that furry collar, though
The Baby Wears Prada – the mummy browses sparkly trousers
Transatlantic Blonde drools over the designer dresses (as we all did)

With thanks to TK Maxx

Written by Johanna Payton