A fabulous “fright night” at Chessington

If you’re going to have a magical time at this time of year, may I suggest getting your bottoms down to Chessington World of Adventures for Halloween Hocus Pocus, which runs until November 4th…

Yes, it’s busy, but what a day/night you’ll have. Today was far from my first Halloween visit to the Surrey-based theme park, but it was one of the best days I’ve had there. We did the full mashings; popcorn, E’s Harry Potter costume, Halloween slush, my Cruella deVille coat, lunch in the chicken shack (formerly the Greedy Goblin), chocolate dipped marshmallows, a witch-littered visit to Hocus Pocus Hall and – the ultimate highlight – riding The Vampire rollercoaster in the dark; in the front two seats.

I may have got more excited than necessary over the fibre glass pumpkins, and queing outside for about three hours in total isn’t that cosy in October, but we really did have a brilliant time. And a little tip if you do venture there before the fun (and the 2012 season) ends on Sunday, the Monkey Puzzle Beefeater pub just outside the Southerly entrance is toasty warm, family-friendly and affordable – just beware the OTT desserts; my stomach may never recover.

During Halloween Hocus Pocus, the whole of Chessington is peppered with seasonal decorations

Is Dragon’s Fury about to thunder overhead? El brought a friend along to share the fun

If there was ever an occasion to squeeze one last wear out of an ill-fitting Harry Potter costume, today was it

I was all about a vintage shirt, faux fur coat and sinister expression

This lady went for an even more severe look: there are special shows and events for Halloween throughout the day, as well as the Madagascar live show that the little kiddles love

Scary slush and popcorn for brunch…

…chocolate dipped strawberries and marshmallows for a mid-afternoon snack

This scary monster is looking after The Vampire ride

Thar she blows: I love this ride (and screamed my little head off when we did it in the dark)

Good day Potter?

You want a pumpkin how big for tomorrow’s Halloween party??
Written by Johanna Payton