Conde Nast Traveller features “my” Yellow Submarine in Liverpool’s Albert Dock

One of many positive things this blog has done for me is to create a burning passion for images. So, when Conde Nast Traveller (a publication I adore) contacted me out of the blue to ask if they could use one of my photographs, I was beyond flattered…

And not only did they want to use one of my pics, it was a very special one to boot.

You all know what a massive Beatles/Liverpool nut I am, and the image in question was from my last Liverpool adventure.

I’d taken a few shots of the new Yellow Submarine barge, a Beatle-themed “floating hotel” available to hire for holidaymakers and the like. The Conde Nast Traveller piece is all about the world’s coolest boat hotels (not all on water) so my image fitted perfectly – and the travel feature/gallery is certainly worth a look if you love a bit of nautique.

Here’s the pic Conde Nast Traveller picked

And I must say that this wonderful turn of events has made me even more determined to stay on that boat: next trip to the ‘Pool, I’m on it!

The Yellow Submarine sits next to “The Joker’s” barge: my Beatle/Batman obsessed boys can not think of any cooler accommodation anywhere on the planet

Written by Johanna Payton