Dreaming of my Carrie Bradshaw closet

Moving house is something I’ve been looking forward to for ages; mainly because we’ve run out of space. El collects Lego and action figures; M collects guitars and, erm, action figures; I collect clothes. Lots of clothes…

It’s very early days in our moving process, but we’ve just been on a second viewing of a place we like a lot – it needs a bit of vision and building work (cue some heavy-duty Sarah Beeny watching) but it has ignited my imagination. If it turns out to be “the one”, we’d make lots of changes. And the most exciting one, from my point of view, is the evil plan I’m hatching for the weeny fourth bedroom.

It is my absolute dream to have a walk in closet and an extra bedroom, albeit a small one, could tick that box. Surely every girl dreams of being able to walk into a dedicated space and browse her rails? I’m about to celebrate my 10th year of freelancing, and what better way to toast all the hard work I’ve done (honest – I’m no slacker) than having a glass of champagne in the comfort of my own closet; Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask and it’ll sure beat crawling into the dusty attic every time I want to retrieve a “B-list” piece…watch this space.

If I get my dream come true, I’m so recreating this pose
Written by Johanna Payton