Drunken parenting: I’m all for it

Me and the bairns earlier: Out on the lash

There I am, drink in hand. You’ve prolly noticed, over the years, that I like a tipple. And after another tough week, work and personal life-wise, not only did I crack open a bottle of finest Magners, I also decided it was time to start pitching feature ideas out to editors again…

And I must have some of the ol’ magic left because the lovely peeps at parentdish allowed me to respond to a new survey that basically says mums who like to accompany their parenting with the odd cocktail are bad mums. Whatevs.

You can read my flag-flying for dunken mothers everywhere right here. Cheers!

Check the evidence: El’s first birthday party (he doesn’t look best pleased – and what’s with my jeans??!)
Written by Johanna Payton