Fashion edit for Breast Cancer Awareness month 2012

Fancy getting fashionable for Breast Cancer Awareness month? This is the Siara dress by Coast – a 10% donation from every dress sold (RRP £135) goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer

It’s October! And before I start building you up into a frenzy about Halloween, let’s spare a moment to talk about something far more important: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You know, I don’t get time to read many blogs – much as I would LOVE to – because I work such long hours and have El etc. But sometimes a blog completely captures my attention and I have to make the time to follow it; it makes me laugh and cry and compels me to constantly check back for new updates. There are two blogs that tick those boxes for me; Alright Tit by Lisa Lynch (who is a writer with the most ridiculous talent ever: Dave Grohl told Lisa he loves her, and I don’t even hate her for it, which might give you an idea of how good she is); and Cancer can F**k off a brave (and funny!) account of battling breast cancer by a friend-of-a-friend who is doing a rather spectacular job of flicking the C-word the bird.

These girls not only give good read, they also highlight an illness that robbed me of an aunt and did my mum out of a much-loved mate; it’s something that affects every chick, whether it’s through loss, survival or simply being aware that it could happen to any of us (that’s why we need to make time for some regular TLC – touching, looking and checking – don’tcha know).

And if you want to do something to help raise awareness this month, what better way to contribute than saying it with fashion? There are some brill skillz pink pieces (hint: they’re not all pink) available this month and by splashing out you’ll be making a donation to a breast cancer charity, as well as adding to your wardrobe or beauty bag.

To make life even easier, I’ve compiled all my fave pink products for you to browse right here – get shopping, girls!

Black lace peplum top by Matthew Williamson @ Debenhams (RRP £28)

Zandra Rhodes for Adele marie charity brooch (RRP £30)

“Davis” dress by Coast (RRP £175)

Angora beret by Julien MacDonald @ Debenhams (RRP £16)
Navy sweat top by M&S (RRP £19.50)

Glass pink ribbon charms by Pandora (RRP £30 each)

Embellished top by Warehouse (RRP £35)

Lily & Lionel scarf @ my-wardrobe (RRP £95)

Pink ribbon shorts by adidas (RRP £25)

Metallic distressed leather bracelet by Good Works

Baseball tee by Zumbawear (RRP £29.95)

Nail polish duo by Ciaté (RRP £18)

Rose ribbon glass bead by Trollbeads (RRP £26)

Product images as credited

Written by Johanna Payton