Party fashion with boohoo Boutique

I promised you more info on boohoo’s Boutique collection after I fell in lust with it last Thursday, and I always make good on my word…

After wining, dining and stuffing my chops full of culinary delights with the boohoo babes at Hoxton Bar & Grill, I spent the rest of the Boutique Night Out whipping myself up into a frenzy over this natty little collection. I gazed longingly at a stunning pair of gold brocade shorts; fondled a fluffy candy floss coloured jumper with pearl and stud shoulders; stroked the sequin ikat vest; and repeatedly tried on the tapestry trophy jacket with pearl trim (I’ve ordered mine now, so you can all do the same with abandon).

Such gorgeous pieces and so affordable. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself (and if the fashion doesn’t get you, the king prawns will).

I spotted this tapestry jacket (£45) as soon as I walked in that room – and my very own is on its way

A little safer, but just as stylish: this gold trim jacket (£45) slips effortlessly over your party season LBD

If you want an even tougher trophy jacket, the studded shoulders on this Amelia biker jacket (£45) might appeal to you

“Fierce” is a word I would actually apply to this style (and it’s not a word I use lightly)

This beaded flapper-style dress isn’t available yet, but when it is, I’m going shopping again

You can grab yourself the sequin ikat vest top (£25) right now – I’m thinking it’d be great with a nude pencil skirt or contrast gold brocade trousers

The very definition of hot shorts: brocade is must-must-have this season

And if you prefer full-length, get a load of these trousers

Here’s that fluffy pink jumper (£25) I was swooning over

And if the pink puts you off, this leopard print jumper with pu stud shoulders (£25) might be better suited

Part of the fun is trying on: love this faux fur for just £70 (I need to wear more make-up!)

All that fashion works up an appetite: this menu was heaven-sent

Told you the king prawns would make you drool

Chateaubriand, broad bean risotto, king prawns and chorizo, grilled mushroom…all on one plate? Hell yeah. I can turn anything into an “all you can eat buffet” scenario

Dessert: Brownie bites and pecan tart. Fin

With thanks to boohoo

Written by Johanna Payton