A funky Christmas treat for kids

I’m actually going to embark upon some christmas shopping at the weekend (groans), which has reminded me that I owe you a Christmas gift tip or two based on some of the coolio products that have come my way this year…

Back in the summer, the whipper snapper and I were introduced to the Kurio, which is described as the “ultimate tablet for families”.

I was drawn to the funky cover

It’s a nifty little gadget that’s hot on t’internet safety for kids and parental controls, with separate settings for each user (up to eight profiles can be set), so you can look at / play with whatever the heck you want (if you ever get a turn). El loves playing with my iPhone, which drains the battery and cheeses me off (his habit of hiding incoming text messages lest they disturb his Angry Birds Star Wars mission is well annoying): the Kurio is a similar tablet device and although he hasn’t spent hours on it (I wouldn’t let him, obvs) it comes in dead handy when we’re travelling – or expecting him to sit still while we embark on adult pursuits (nothing sinister). It’s also (relatively) affordable, priced from £149.99 for the 7″ version.

Anyway, I’ll let him tell you what he thinks…handing over to Eliott: “The Kurio reminds me of Mum’s iPhone – you can’t call people but you can download apps, make videos, play games like Angry Birds and it comes in a funky green rubber case, so if you drop it it won’t break. The only thing I don’t like is that it runs out really quickly, so I always take the charger out with me.

“I’ve used my Kurio at events like my dad’s gig; I played Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope instead of having to watch him in the band (I couldn’t see him anyway).”

El swerves the pink champagne and plays his Kurio instead

Thanks to Kurio for supplying the review sample

Written by Johanna Payton