Made in Chelsea S4E6 fashion round-up

Did you see last night’s bitch-fest then? Not only awkward, but confusing too. Jamie’s hacked off about Lucy; Lucy’s into Andy; Andy’s oblivious; Spencer still hates Andy; Francis loves Sophia; Sophia led Francis on then cruelly shagged Proudlock (I’d say “how could she?” but to be honest I would have probably done the same when I was that age); Francis and Proudlock are at loggerheads; Millie showed us exactly how to wear sequins in the day; Cheska made the weirdest pass I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness – at Stevie; Binky’s gone to Mummy; Louise has vanished to Edinburgh in a cloud of faux fur; Richard and Ianthe may have bored each other to death; Sam’s prolly off having acting lessons somewhere.

Are you keeping up?

If you can’t get a grip on the Made in Chelsea storylines, why not focus on the fashion instead? I’m keen to know if you prefer Sophia or Lucy’s style: Lucy really went for it in episode 6, even flashing her undercrackers (a surefire way to secure “regular cast member” status) and telling people off for getting “up on her grill” (who does say that?), but Sophia is more striking, even if she does dress in a (dare I say it?) slightly safe/dull way (and someone ought to have told her to cut the label out the back of that black lace Paul & Joe blouse she wore at Rosie’s dinner party).

And in the spirit of that dinner bash, “is there any pudding?” There sure is. Read on…

I could live without those tight white shorts (try hard!) but the animal print top and tan leather jacket looked great on Lucy – there’s a similarly silky top by Mina in the ASOS sale for £15

Binky’s spot on the sofa isn’t even cold and Cheska’s got her jumper on (right?) – steal the communal style with LOVE’s oversized classic

Millie stole the show as usual, rocking up to Rosie’s dinner party wearing a delicious butterfly print maxi dress by Beulah London – hubba hubba

Screen grabs from 4oD

Written by Johanna Payton