Mamma Mia redux – and an award for Kim Ismay?

One of the reasons I love going along to Jo Good’s Late Show (as well as all the gossip I get when we’re off air: seriously, it’s a fest) is that I get to meet some truly amazeballs people…

Last night I was on air with the very gorgeous (and very tall) Jonathan Rudge (as seen on This Morning’s Hub) and the uber-talented actress and singer, Kim Ismay.

I first met Kim, who plays Tanya in Mamma Mia, earlier this year; I was amazed that she could roll straight off stage in the West End to do a live late night radio show with such panache. And she had really nice nail polish on. Then in September I (finally) went to see the show with two of my muckers, just after it moved to the Novello theatre, and was bowled over by Kim’s performance: hilarious, brave and bolshy. Just the way I like it.

I’m taking Eliott to see Mamma Mia in January (having an empty 2013 diary was making me twitch, even though I’d resolved to leave it that way) and we’re planning to meet-up with Kim and have a peep backstage. To help me repay the lovely lady’s offer of backstage access (behave!), I wonder if any of you musical theatre fans might agree that she thoroughly deserves to win the West End Frame award for funniest performance in a West End show? If you do, it takes two seconds (or two clicks) to vote for Kim Ismay’s turn as Tanya.

I promise you some stunning photos from our New Year adventures at the show if you do – but not quite as stunning as this one:

Photo credit: London 2012 – 2013 cast by Brinkhoff and Mögenburg

Written by Johanna Payton