Ashley Roberts: Jungle Queen?

I’m off to a party this eve but we’re led to believe that the result of this year’s I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here is a foregone conclusion [edit: it wasn’t!]: and if she is crowned Queen of the Jungle, sassy, pretty, funny and friendly ex-Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts will thoroughly deserve the title. But what of her style….

Thanks to the khakis, I’m a Celeb is never a hot fashion watch, but it’s always such an addictive show (even when seven-year-olds are being tortured). Ant and Dec have been hilarious this year, and lovely as Charlie Brooks has shown herself to be sans Eastenders, I’m still worried that it’s all a front and she’s really planning some dastardly scheme to steal the jungle crown before robbing all the other celebrities of their designer watches, Janine Butcher-stylee, the minute the curtain comes down on Croc Creek.

Throughout the series, I was rooting for Made in Chelsea boi Hugo to win (natch). But the beardy one was Ashley’s “buddy” anyway, so if she triumphs tonight it’s the next best thing.

Then we just have to hope Ashley sorts out her post-jungle style. The all-American, bodycon-loving, suspenders-showing look she usually pedals so isn’t for her – she could look much more elegant, stylish and sexy wearing a mixture of simple, classic designer pieces with a bit of vintage thrown in to pep-up the look.

Before she went into the jungle, I wasn’t captivated by Ashley’s slightly tacky, glamourpuss style

I’d just love to put her in playful prints, a plunge neck suit with tapered trousers, a baroque fitted dress with nude midi-heels and a statement, embellished evening dress in nude tones would totally show off her gorgeous skin and figure.

If she needs a new stylist, she knows where to come….

Imagine how hot Ashley would look in this stunning “Allure” Swarovski maxi dress, £329 @ Gorgeous Couture

Images: ITV & Gorgeous Couture

Written by Johanna Payton