Lucy Watson’s cute red beret – with a bow

Lucy Watson’s red beret was one of the only fashion highlights tonight. What was with all the black? The Made in Chelsea ladies really dressed down in episode 8 (and did Sophia borrow Victoria’s Cruella de Vil jacket?) Lucy’s claret hat with an oversized black bow was very cute – but then in an episode with Gabriella’s bare norks, it’s pretty hard to steal the show…

Judging by the trailer for episode 9, next week is going to be a fash-bonanza, but I’ll still do an episode 8 fashion round-up later this week. In the meantime, if you’re keen to copy Lucy’s hat, it looks very similar to this lovely design by London milliner, Miriam Robertson – but (as ever) if you know where to buy an exact match, do chip in.

Image from Miriam Robertson

Written by Johanna Payton