Made in Chelsea S4E9 fashion round-up

Agghh! It’s taken me a whole week to get this done – sorry lovelies. It’s that time of year, innit? In addition to shirking my Made in Chelsea duties, I’m yet to respond to quite a few emails from readers asking for style advice on everything from black tote bags to Barbour jackets; please bear with me and I will try to get back to you before I bog off for Christmas.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on my fashion highlights from episode 9 of Made in Chelsea series 4 – perfectly timed to get you all het up over tonight’s big season finale…oooh I’m so excited I could crush a grape!

Cheska was looking super cute in a camel coloured fur trim cape from Spoiled Brat

I’m pretty sure this is the same fur gilet by Boudoir Boutique that Millie was wearing so well in the summer: here she makes it cross the seasons with a simple white shirt and skinny burgundy jeans

Awkward moments – but if you’re dumping someone unexpectedly, a sequin jumper is the kind of casual-cum-rock-chic look you’d go for, right? Lucy’s looks a lot like the grey mohair sequin knit by Joseph, but M&S do a more affordable sparkle-knit in gold mix or pewter

And Lucy busted out another nice knit when she made her shocking revelation (Spencer: don’t you dare!) – and again, M&S can see you right with a very similar style

Louise breezed in to see her hot property (aka Spencer) wearing a yummy wide brim hat – La Redoute sells a very similar style for that chic “70s weekender” effect

Poor Louise: all that boo-hooing over Spencer’s living arrangements took me back to when I was young and neurotic. Just wait until she finds out about Lucy’s “secret” crush Her earrings stirred your emotions too – I haven’t found an exact match yet but this cheeky style by Miso @ Republic captures the spirit

Surprised? You will be. I’m not a huge fan of Binky’s black fur ski style headband but someone out there asked me to find a similar one – and I aim to please: this style from Manbi @ Absolute Snow is spot on

Enjoy tonight’s season finale guys – I’ll be watching!

Screen grabs from 40D

Written by Johanna Payton