Merry Christmas from Fashion Detective

Merry Christmas, fashionistas: hope you are all having a rip-roaring time, ripping presents – and each other’s clothes off (steady on, chaps).

Given my exotic (hmmmm) location, today I will be wearing two deliciously summery vintage dresses and reminding myself that there is turkey to be eaten at a gala (!) dinner tonight (a purple pleated 1970s maxi dress with glitter jelly shoes ought to do the trick, yeah?)

If I were at home in front of the radiator, quaffing Heston’s mince pies and overdoing it on the fizz, I would be wearing a Christmas jumper – FACT. And I would be loving it.

Hope you’re loving it too – have fun! xxx

Nicole Father Christmas jumper at, £18

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Written by Johanna Payton