MAD Blog Awards 2013 – nominations open

I can scarcely believe it’s a whole year ago since the nomination process for the MAD Blog Awards kicked off.

Last year (thanks to the family blogging I do around the young man pictured above), I was lucky enough to be nominated & shortlisted in the Best Fashion Blog category – and although I didn’t win (that honour went to the fabulous Baby Wears Prada), the whole experience was a blast, from meeting some fabulous people to partying on a yacht to taking part in a mass shopping trip courtesy of TK Maxx.

It seems a bit greedy to ask y’all to nominate me again – but after a hard year’s blogging every single day, why the heck not, right?

I’m sure I won’t be jammy enough to make the shortlist twice, but if – with your help – I get to go on a lovely MADs journey for a second time, I’ll be eternally grateful.

To nominate, simply fill in this here online form – you’ll need to nominate a blog of the year on the first page and the fashion & beauty blog category is on the second page. Thanks muchly!

Our night at the MADs 2012 – is it me, or does Myleene Klass look slightly terrified?
Written by Johanna Payton