Best fashion apps for Samsung Galaxy III

We’re so addicted to screens in our house that I’ve decided to finally try out a few more fashion apps. I live for my iPhone and if my other half isn’t glued to his Galaxy tablet he’s trying to hunt down a new Samsung Galaxy S3 to replace his old model.

After trying out an S3 for The Guardian last year (and taking the bright & breezy pic above with it), I’ll be quite chuffed if he does get one. I was into the bigger screen and the reading books element, and the apps we tried were pretty tasty.

Fashion-wise, I want to check out apps like Snapette, a photo based fashion finder, and TrendStop, a mobile trend tracker (that has such a nice ring to it!)

Stylish Girl, a closet-based app, sounds cute, and Pose seems to be an easy way to stalk my fave fashionistas from around the globe: and talking of which, the big Galaxy screen will make it easy for me to catch up on the few blogs I get time to read (from the likes of The Sartorialist and Advanced Style) without going cross-eyed.

The only trouble is, the funky new phone will belong to my old man, not me…perhaps it’s time I thought about buying one of my own?

Compiled in association with Samsung.

Written by Johanna Payton