Coming up roses at Lush

I’m not denying it: my job as a freelance journalist has some fierce perks. For the February features at hitched.co.uk, where I’m features editor, we did a piece on 10 beauty must-haves for brides

Lush is my absolute fave beauty brand and in the name of researching the article on the products brides just have to pop in their beauty bag, the lovely peeps at Lush sent me two fabulously fragrant products to trial.

One was the absolutely heavenly Turkish Delight – a shower smoothie that has taken my skin to a whole new level of soft. And the fragrance…cor! I could eat myself up. A heady and exotic rose scent that almost blows my head off every time I’m in the bath. Yum yum.

And I also got to try Ro’s Argan, the perfect product to use after you’ve showered with Turkish Delight.

Another rose-flavour treat, it feeds and nourishes your skin with argan oil, cocoa butter, cupuaçu butter, brazil nut oil, almond oil and fair trade shea butter. And there’s goji berry juice in there too. Shamazeballs.

Images from Lush

Written by Johanna Payton