SS13 interior design at Heals

We need help. No one in this house can sleep. Weeks and weeks after we started the quest to sell our flat and upgrade to a house, the challenge still has not been met.

The first place we fell for fell through after a week. Then we waited weeks without a single property coming onto the market. Then a spectacular (wrecked but oozing with potential) Victorian house came up….but we were outbid by cash buyers offering to pay over the asking price. Is this the late nineties, you ask? No, it’s “fashionable” (so they say) South London and unlike the rest of the country, people are rabidly scrapping for a handful of properties.

I want that Orla Kiely wallaper on my new walls – wherever they may be (Heals, £62 per roll)

I’m sure we’ll get there in the end; and in the meantime I can always drool over interior design ideas at Heals

I’d be able to cope with a bit of the heritage trend in my new garden office
Some timeless bright touches won’t go amiss either

My new home will be a shrine to Orla Kiely *FACT*

Images from Heals

Written by Johanna Payton