Stevie Nicks: Style icon

If we’re talking total style icons, Stevie Nicks has got to be right up there for me.

I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately. Not only has she been hanging out with my fantasy husband no1 (aka Dave Grohl), I’ve also managed to get my hands on tickets for the Fleetwood Mac 2013 tour later this year…

Younger readers might not appreciate the Fleetwood buzz, but if you ever get chance to read or watch something on the Fleetwood Mac story, do it. Simply put, it’s the story of a British blues band with a genius band-leader who took too much LSD and thought he was Jesus. So they recruited the bass player’s missus who became the singer/songwriter.

Then, in the 70s, they adopted an American rock duo (sexy boy with massive hair and appealing beard; gorgeous girl with the voice of a little demon) who were an off-on couple. Abba-style, both couples in the band split-up and wrote mean songs about each other (the bitterness lives on). The drummer started an ill-fated affair with the little blonde singer with the big voice, then cheated on her with her best friend. So the little blonde singer bought a cape and turned into Stevie Nicks, big-voiced female rock legend. Are you keeping up?

This woman has serious style (just ask Beyonce – you’ll find Bootylicious owes a LOT to Ms. Nicks)

How can you not want to see a band with such a colourful history? I spent an intense period of my teens listening to Tango in the Night on repeat. Rumours is a classic. Mick Fleetwood freaks me out, but he was married to Patti Boyd’s sister, so he’s tenuously linked to The Beatles. That’ll do.

And Stevie Nicks: well, she is a proper legend. The hair, the voice, the style. She’s tiny, so she fills a stage with fashionista props. When she plays live, superfans dress up in big hats, silk fringed scarves and shawls: can’t say I’ll be immune from the temptation to pull a Stevie on the big night. And if you haven’t got a clue what I’m going on about, observe…

Images from Warner Bros

Written by Johanna Payton