Bread Street Kitchen Easter Sunday lunch

Perfect Easter treats are worth their weight in gold and we happened upon a blinder this afternoon. Us being us, we never got around to making a plan or a restaurant booking for today, but after meeting up with family members who popped up the Shard this morning, we wandered into Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen for a spectacular Sunday lunch…

As usual, my other half has done some of his artistic shiz in this swanky City restaurant in the shadow of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and he tells me that it is absolutely heaving during the week, particularly at lunchtime. But slip down there at the weekend for the fabulous “Lazy Loaf” Sunday menu, and you might just bags a table, enjoy some live music and fill your cake-hole with the grooviest Gordonesque cuisine going.

Every Ramsay eatery I’ve been to has been family friendly and Bread Street Kitchen is no exception: Eliott’s kids’ menu was printed on an envelope containing a chef’s hat and colouring paraphernalia

As you might expect, the (fresh, hot and heavenly) bread at Bread Street Kitchen is super special

Everything in this venue is on a massive scale, from the vast dining room (peppered with vintage and industrial touches) to the giant bar

This was a real treat: we were invited to help ourselves to a complementary drink (usually £8 but on a special Easter Sunday offer) from the Bloody Mary station – cor lummey

You name it, you could put it in your Bloody M – or the resident mixologist was on hand to do it for you

I’ve never been a fan of a Bloody Mary, but being able to control the ingredients makes a massive difference. First, I added lemon and orange juice to Grey Goose Citron vodka

Can you see the sheer excitement in my eyes? (I’m wearing a vintage shirt with a Clements Ribeiro cardigan – just right for Bloody Mary drinking)

Lining them up as usual: I finished my Bloody Mary with yellow tomato juice (I’m yellow tomatoes ALL the way from now on), a fresh lemon slice and ice, and once that was down the hatch I tackled my Dark & Stormy (rum & ginger, me hearties)

And to start, baked scallops with
salsify puree, treacle bacon and celery cress. Come. On.

El gets stuck into a fried chicken wings with barbecue sauce starter from the kids menu (that fab striped tee is H&M Kids, by the way)

OMG: here comes the main event

May I present the Bread Street Kitchen Sunday Roast with roasted rib of beef, Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, carrots, bone marrow and shallot gravy

Individual (ample) portions of roasted veg are served on the side

Dreamy, light ‘n’ creamy, this horseradish sauce is TO DIE FOR

And for the young sir, fish and chips with crushed peas (followed by frozen yoghurt with Oreo cookies) – all in all, the perfect Easter Sunday indulgence. We’ll be back!

Written by Johanna Payton