Cherry red Dr. Martens

Evidence, if you ever needed it, that I’m fast-approaching a mid life crisis: I just bought the exact same pair of Dr. Martens boots I had when I was 17 and in full-on grunge mode. Oh dear. I did buy ladies shoes too (for a fiver in the H&M spring sale) but I can tell already that they’ll be about as wearable as a pair of razor blades.

I may be a mum in the throes of my 40th year on the planet, but it seems the teenager in me is just refusing to do one. I did ring Matt before getting my debit card out to ask if I was too old to wear Docs. His reply: “You’re not too old for anything.” That’s quite the endorsement.

Anyway, they will be lovely & comfy for the school run.

We’ll find out later if they can be worn with a bright orange and pink silk paisley dress (my eyes hurt just thinking about it).

Written by Johanna Payton