FIVE days left to vote….lets talk shoes

Like most women, I love a good shoe crisis. Remember those Manolo Blahniks I agonised over in Las Vegas? And the sky blue Kurt Geiger heels I ummed and ahhed over before taking the plunge?

The latest agonising decision comes straight after buying the ultimate non-girly footwear (that’ll be the cherry red Dr. Martens I succumbed to over the weekend).

For ages I’ve had a shoe-crush on Manolo Blahnik’s Campy Mary Jane heels in nude. They appeal in so, so many ways. Elegant, cheeky, neutral, not too silly heel-wise.

And now Jones Bootmaker have gone and brought out a very similar take on the style – the gorgeous, 50s-inspired Ciprian court shoe. Zoo-wee-mama.

OK, so they won’t work for the school run, but I feel like if I buy them, I will then have the shoe collection of my dreams and will never need to buy another pair of shoes ever again*.

Don’t let my impractical footwear fetish put you off voting for me in the MAD Blog Awards this year – think of it as a good reason to put your tick in my box (!!!)…

* Please don’t hold me to that.

Written by Johanna Payton