FOUR days left to vote…I’m persistent (and ill) innit

Here’s another reason why I reckon you might want to vote for Fashion Detective in the MADs this time around: I blog every single day.

Not always easy when you have a busy eight-year-old and a busy working life.

But I do it because I love it. Yeah, I want to keep the momentum going, but it’s also an addiction. My day feels all wrong if I haven’t made at least one post.

As a result, I’ve taken Fashion Detective all over the shop. I’ve blogged from a charity walk for JDRF along the River Thames, taken you vintage shopping in Leeds, shown off my Minnie Mouse ears at Disneyland Paris, shared Christmas Day on the beach in Tenerife with you guys (bet you loved me for that one!) and I blogged daily during our fab-tastic trip to Turkey.

I’ve posted on good days, bad days and downright awful days. Fashion Detective has a way of making me feel better, however the land might lie in other areas of my life.

And I’m blogging today, in spite of the world’s worst hangover, caused by wine, Amaretto, Jägermeister and top-level singing along to Les Miserables with El (aka Jean Valjean) and my buddy. I’ve been sick several times in a bucket, and yet, here I am. 

If that’s not dedication, I dunno what is. And if you’re impressed please click here to give me your vote.

Written by Johanna Payton