Lunch in Lamberts, Balham

A combination of overdosing on the latest series of Masterchef and contemplating a new kitchen (if this ‘effin house move ever actually happens) has got me thinking more about food than fashion at the moment. After watching John Torode make his crab and chicken glass noodle salad on the iPlayer last night, I was compelled to buy myself a mortar and pestle this afternoon.

You never know, I might actually use it.

And this kitchen-related spending was done during an unexpected, pre-school-run timeslot that would usually have been dedicated to gazing at shoes.

In other foodie news, I had an amazing slap-up lunch with some ladyfriends at Lamberts in Balham.

Talk about decadence: chicken liver parfait terrine (light and moussey and lovely) served with a tangy onion chutney and sweet  brioche toast; hake (juicy!) with mussels, served atop haricot beans and spinach and scattered with utterly heavenly artichoke crisps; and (just when you thought it couldn’t get any better) hot chocolate pudding (a perfectly executed fondant) with Meantime stout ice cream.

Yes, stout.

It was, dear reader, the nuts. All washed down with a glass of Prosecco and only £18 for three courses.

I have visions of creating such culinary wonderment in my own, new kitchen.

We’ll see (on many fronts).

Written by Johanna Payton