MAD Blog Awards 2013: voting closes at midnight

Voting in the MAD Blog Awards 2013 closes at midnight. So, that’s it. I’ve really made an effort to rally the readers this year and I hope the begging petitioning hasn’t been too annoying.

I’ll leave you with one final plea for votes in the best Fashion & Beauty category.

Lots of women, particularly mums, have sent me messages over the three years since I kicked Fashion Detective off, saying that my daft clothes and cutting-through-the-bullshit attitude to fashion has given them a lift.

Nothing makes all the hard work I put into this blog more worthwhile. And nothing makes me prouder.

I don’t want to be Susie Bubble, y’see (I’m way too old, for starts). I don’t even want to be Anna Dello Russo, lovely as she is.

I’d much rather just be myself. And that’s not a fashionista, really – I’m a Northern writer lass who spends too much time, thought and money on clothes.

And I’m someone who never wanted to be defined by becoming a parent, but didn’t want to hide the fact either. My wardrobe reflects both those desires.

I update Fashion Detective every day because it’s fun and it has become a big part of who I am, and – weirdly – part of the family.

And whether or not I win this year (I probably won’t – but at least I get to wear a posh frock and drink too much in front of strangers again), I value every comment, every email and every post that makes me – and, hopefully, you – smile. So that’s my final reason, right there: I just bloody love blogging.

Huge thanks again to everyone who has taken time to vote and the results will be announced later in the year – gah, the suspense!

Written by Johanna Payton