Richard Nicoll exclusive dress for Trop50 & Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2013

Bright with a retro print – that’s exactly how I like my dresses. Imagine my sheer, unbridled delight when the genius British designer Richard Nicoll sent me his exclusive Stella design to leap around in…

This to-die-for dress, with it’s vibrant pink and orange paisley print, is one of just 50 made – how’s that for exclusive? It looks pretty juicy right – and that could be because it was designed to celebrate the launch of Trop50, a new version of Tropicana with 50% less sugar and calories than the regular stuff (we’re all addicted to the orange and mango flavour in my house).

And there’s an even more appealing twist: if you have the necessary £555 required to buy this bold beauty from Atelier-To-Go you’ll be contributing to a cracking cause as all profits go to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, starting its 2013 campaign on April 22nd.

Could there be a better way to celebrate healthier drinks and healthier ladies? You decide…

This is a fun, vintage-inspired dress with tons of character
It’s not one for the faint-hearted, but if you’re too shy to wear it at home, it’s the perfect dress to take on hols and bust out anywhere, from the beach to a chic cocktail bar
It “extends” to quite some width (60s stylee), but hangs just beautifully thanks to being 100% silk
Read it and weep: I prolly do need locking up, but isn’t that print just delicious?
The colour block back of the dress adds contrast
And although I may switch to crazy boots later, these orange heels with a patent red toe from H&M matched perfectly – and they are only five English pounds in the spring sale

With huge thanks to Richard Nicoll and Trop50

Written by Johanna Payton