Seven days left to vote…seven reasons to vote for me

The MAD Blog Awards is all about numbers – as far as I know, the winning blog in each category purely depends on getting the most votes. I’m pretty crap at networking, so I can’t rely on my connections in the mummy blogosphere – I’m afraid I have to rely on you guys (and the BBC Radio London listeners I was begging on air last night, in between wibbling on about Phil Spencer Secret Agent and Man Bands).

I’ve been trying to think of a way to fill the next seven days with seven good reasons to vote for Fashion Detective in the Fashion & Beauty category.

So here’s reason one: vote for me if you share my passion for all things retro! Perhaps it’s part and parcel of my mid-life crisis, but I’m having a wonderful retro experience at the moment that involves wearing the exact style of Dr. Martens I had as a grungy 17-year-old, adding frequently to my Molly Ringwald-inspired capsule wardrobe, dressing my son up as Marty McFly and introducing said manchild to the wonderful world of Neighbours – not contemporary Neighbours. Oh no. Scott and Charlene, Mike and Plain Jane Superbrain-era Neighbours.

Surely bringing this blast from the past to your attention is worthy of a vote or two

Written by Johanna Payton