Six days left to vote…here’s another reason to vote for Fashion Detective

Some might say that working as a freelance journalist is a reason not to vote for me in the MAD Blog Awards, but my job’s not necessarily a bad thing. Honest.

As well as having access to lots of info for the blog, occasionally I get to write things that reach out beyond Fashion Detective and might have some impact on the wider world (well, one can dream).

A piece I wrote about a sustainable fashion roundtable debate that I’m particularly proud of appeared in yesterday’s edition of The Guardian…

The roundtable included such fashion luminaries as Filippo Ricci (co-founder and co-curator of Estethica at London Fashion Week), Maria Chenoweth-Casey (chief executive of TRAID), Lucy Shea (inventress of swishing!), Martin Drake-Knight (co-founder of Rapanui – I’m wearing one of his eco-friendly tees in the photo above) and many others.

I was privileged to sit in on the discussion with The Guardian’s Lucy Siegle (who chaired the debate) and I won’t lie to you: I spent a fair few hours crafting the final report, desperate to do justice to such an important topic. This was far from my usual “knock it out in an hour” approach.

Writing the piece gave me plenty of food for thought for the blog and a determination to write more about sustainable fashion here, particularly when it concerns children’s clothes as we tend to burn through them so quickly.

Everything I write, whether it’s for the wedding website I work for, the papers or the opinion pieces I’ve contributed to parentdish, fuels the content of the blog and keeps me on my toes.

I think being a journo makes me a better blogger. Maybe if you agree you could spare two mins to give me your vote?

Written by Johanna Payton