THREE days left to vote…my foodie fanaticism

To try and vote-bait you today, I’m going to tickle your taste buds.

I am not one of those fashion people who never eats, y’see: far from it. I’m constantly stuffing my face.

To me, fashion isn’t just clothes. It’s everything fashionable: travel, cocktails, music, film and food. And a fair few Fashion Detective posts are dedicated to the yummy scrummy meals I get my mouth around

This Hanger steak at The County Arms in Wandsworth was cooked by one of my fave chefs

Spending 10 years as a vegetarian (until the second I got pregnant – go figure) opened my mind to lots of food I never liked as a kid, and now I’m a proper grown up I will eat almost anything.

You can’t beat a Sunday roast at The Gardeners in Southfields

But the food I like best is very colourful and beautifullypresented as well as being expertlyprepared.

These delish feta and spinach filo patsries were served at the Kasbah Cafe and Bazaar in Liverpool

Tonight, we’re off to sample the cuisine at Rick’s Restaurant in Tooting. We were supposed to be in Bradford for my lovely cousn’s 40th birthday party, but knee-deep snow is not condusive to traveling (or wearing heels) so the trip (and the party) has been cancelled.

Perhaps a dessert like this one will be on the menu this evening?

I think a good meal is the only thing that could lift my spirits now the weather has diddled me out of seeing my Yorkshire-based family and friends.

Well, a good meal and your vote in the fashion & beauty category of the MADS, obvs.

One of my fave foodie blog posts: chocolatedipped strawberries at The Montcalm Hotel’s “Teddy’s Tea Time”
Written by Johanna Payton